Finally! The tune tomorrow


Well, after 3 freaking weeks I FINALLY am going to get my tune. My tuning appt kept on getting pushed back and I can’t wait to see what the S/C Mach 1 is putting down. I know I’ll need the SCT “Big Air” mass air meter because I’ll definately “peg” the stock meter. I just hope that it comes out alright.

Got to get up early to leave tomorrow. I’m going to Kauffman’s Motorsports whom I only heard great things about on the Mach 1 Registry and various other forums. It’s a 2 hour drive there and I’ll post the results tomorrow when I get back.

Looking for 450 rwhp! Wish me luck!


Good luck Steed and congrats on the S/C install. I know Id be doing the happy dance if it were me. :banana :banana


good luck with that steed…post the results


Can hardly wait.


Good luck brubbah!! Take some vids of if on the dyno!


good luck!


I love that avatar…hahahahaha…I can care less about the thread topic…that ish is cracking me up


God those are some huge injectors…

I expect it put down 12rwhp/14rwtq b/c as soon as the car is fired up, it’s going to get too much gas and shut off. :smiley:

Good luck, I hope you don’t break anything.


Good luck Greg.

Are you driving it there?


Thank guys! I’m back…check out the thread for the results! :o


Welp looks liek your wish came true plus a little 5 more hp bonus haha :smiley:


Yeah…ain’t that sweet.

Hey, I ain’t done. Now I got to get that powa to the ground.