Finally, they understand!

So I have been taking abuse from brother for the past 4 or so years. Like I said before, my family didn’t believe me, and I didn’t think it was serious enough to talk to a counselor or anything. My brother started threatniong my mom a little while ago (never hitting her they way he did me) but a few weeks ago, she found out after he dropped out of school that he was selling pot and buying and doing acid and ectasy. So last weekend we kicked him out and got new locks, my mom now genuinly sees how scary he is when he get’s mad. She apologized for not beliving me.

I 'm still afraid that he is going to come back when I am alone and try and ‘get back at us’ for kicking him out. But atleast now my family can take me seriosly again.

Frustrating! You need to vent and the net isnt the place for this, I think a visit to your local GP for a chat would do you the world of good. :slight_smile:

sounds to me like there may be something wrong with him, mentally, im not saying dont be afraid cuz honestly he could snap but he needs more than to be kicked out. he needs help and his family to support him along with help. but dont let him come back, at least not til he is better, or on meds or something. be safe

He needs to wnat to change for himslef otherwise he wont, and no amount of help will help

well yeah but he may need a push or he may never realize he needs it

Yep ineed, thats why i suggested talking to a GP

Has your mom or you considered filing a restraining order?

He has anger issues. I tried to be sympathetic towards him for a long time, I loved my brother, but I don’t love him at all. My mom put him in counseling when he was younger, he basically put all the blame on me ‘she does so well in school, I just don’t want to compete’ etc. etc. didn’t help him at all IMO it just made it worse, gave him a time to sort out why he hates me so much to make it easier to take his anger out on me. He is mixed up in drugs now, when he it’s rock bottom, then we’ll probably do an intervention or something. The truth is, I’ve stopped caring.

No mention of a dad here at all, he still around?

My dad died when I was 3. My grandpa when I was 5, both my grandmas by the time I was 8. It’s pretty much just me and mom, and my other brothers and sisters. I have some aunts and uncles, but must of them are crazy or live out of state…

Im not giving him an excuse but, the absense of a ‘father figure’ you know like the real authorative, disiplinative parent will send someone this way.

but treating him like an outcast wont help him, trust me ive been there, i used to be bad too

I know what you mean, but I still think it’s mostly his fault. Ya my mom wasn’t around much, but that’s just because she has to work so much to give him everything he needed. Then you look at me and my other brother and sister, we came out fine, in fact my sister hs bringing in over 15 thousand dollars a week, and has a husband and baby, while my other brother is in the army and has a wife and pig… my other brother got mixed up in drugs, but I think he is clean now.

My point is, the rest of us have turned out as fine civilized people, none of us had anger issues, so why would he have such a problem without a father figure, while the rest of us are doing fine?

I think saying ‘oh it’s just because of his lack of a father figure’ is just another excuse for him to use. He grew up ina great family with bad friends, and if you ask me, it’s his own fault.

Did his problems start or become worse at all once he was using?

Im sure it is his fault, but hes your brother you cant just bail on him ya know

I think enabling him won’t help, and we had to do something quick and dratic, to make sure he wouldn’t get angry with us. We could tkae his car away and let him live here still, because then he probably would of tried to hurt or kill us.

Im not saying you shouldnt have kicked him out im just saying be there for him if he needs you

He doesn’t want or need me at all.

Know it probably sounds like a cliche but sometimes you need to be cruel to be kind. :nod::thumbup