I finally won a trophy!!! :banana :banana :banana :banana :banana :banana :banana :banana :banana :banana :banana :banana :banana :banana :banana


:lol congrats i had alot more than i do now, but everyone ikeeps taking them :fu



I won another trophy!!!111 :banana :banana :smiley: :banana :banana :smiley: :banana :smiley: :banana :smiley: :banana :banana :smiley: :owned




I don’t have lots-o-tokens though.

And I’m STILL a newbie.

Can I buy myself a new title?


not till you get more tokens…just post whoe and your title will change


Yeeeeeaaaaa! who gives a fuck??? :fu


Re: RE: Finally!!

Why are you being a dick?? Come on, be nice!!


steed is a dick because he’s trying to compensate for something he doesn’t have


Re: RE: Finally!!

Fugger!!! You wish!


Re: RE: Finally!!

:funnah :funnah


Not sure about that.

Remember I mentioned earlier (way earlier) about our day together last summer? I know that he doesn’t need to compensate for anything. :rofl


Re: RE: Finally!!

[quote=bootsie]Why are you being a dick?? Come on, be nice!!

I’m just kidding with ya Ali!

WTF is TIM BTW, I need to talk to him about this weekend???


that was a strap on dear


His mum is in the big H and he’s at the doc.

He says it’s a cold, but I think it might be somethiing more
from the little bitch he was with this past weekend.

can you say “CLAP”??


Big H?? like in Hospital???

Oh Noes! Timmy has the crabs???


I dunno about crabs…

did he tell you about this chick?

i think she’s fucking goofy. She was fucking prince charming at disney, now she’s fucking tim, er, goofy!!


Well, Tim is goofy! but you know that already :rofl


He did mention he was meeting up with you this weekend.

I’ve got a run from Hamburg to Jim Thorpe.

He was going to bring his daughter but I said that wasn’t a good idea with you being around and all :lol


don’t be a fool wrap your tool