Finnaly finsihed my 3D moddeling project!

Can videos be uploaded here?

Finnaly finished it!!! yay im so happy… wish i could show you all im quite proud of it

but i had to stay up till like 2am last night which meant i missed the end oif term partys and now people going home and i dont get to say good bye. All because my department at uni can hold up a bloody network that can handle rendering! i mean how long ahs this uni been there!! I would of been out and having fun if it wasnt for this, instead it was a night in the multimedia lab with otz, maya, photoshop and after effects as my only friends

I’m a lil depressed right now :frowning:

Awwww… Job well done at least.

happy but depressed at same time, i mean i got it doen and uploaded before deadline but missed out on all the fun :frowning:

There will always be more fun… :wink:

Congrate’s hunny HUG