First drag strip thing


gonna take my pony to the strip, see what shes got for me now, when i get a job ( :slight_smile: ) ill have some sort of idea of what i want in terms of timeslips, then ill find a dyno to get some numbers, THEN ill play with it, prolly some intake work, some other stuff as well…

maybe i can get my sister to lend me her video camera so i can show how bad it is :lol

but yeah, really, i want to see how my baby works right now, and keep a good history of it (how she progresses along, and how much it costs me :slight_smile: , and whatnot else)

and i got some helpful hints from my autotech teacher (he drag races a good bit, so i think he knows what hes doing… i think :lol )… like floor it on the last yellow light…i dont know, it will be interesting for the stang, cuz ill be revving, but the brake as well… this will be fun :woohoo

ill let ya know tomorrow if any new news comes along…


its friday, in about 3 hours im gone to see if the rain has dried up yet… if so, ill run a couple, if not, well, i go home and pout…

if i do run, its set up so that i am gonna race an rx7… for fun…

btw: good ol stock car…


damn, no one else postied here.


theirs a new cool mustang website out there thats still in development but has a few posts… prolly get some good info thur :smiley:

No but seriously, I’ll give ya some of my experience if you tell me more about your setup, IE tires, gears, other mods, etc?


i wish you luck!


yeah god luck ,.dont blow nothing up :gears


all done…

md… :rofl … yea, i know about that site, and completely stock…

vs… :rock thanks, i really didnt need it (in hindsight, but thanks anyways)

nosman… :lol i didnt, but my buddy flodded his engine…

and for fun, ill post the 3 runs’ results tomorrow ( i got a major headache… all the 5.0s there, the vettes, a falcon, a dodge r/t, others…


and if ya want, ill post it over at that other particular site that hasnt gone public yet… i think it was or something like that :smiley:


Best of luck man! What year is your stang? I thought it was an 05 but I can’t remember.

Anyways, it couldn’t be as embarassing as my car would run. Being a 6 banger and all.

I really wanna run one day, but probably will only do so if i went to a meet where we all ran. Just so I knew the people I was racing and they wouldn’t laugh at me. hahah.


rach, you should know by now that i dont like the 2k5’s… they are ugly… the front is grwoing on me, but that back should be hit with a nuclear bomb…

and if ya didnt know, thats ok, you do now :lol

btw, its a 1999


haha. I agree for the most part on the 05. I like the 05 Saleen though.

Anyways, I guess your member name was why I thought you had an 05 or something.

99-04 is the bestest. :banana

Best of luck at the track! Let us know how it goes.


first run: / 5.13.2005

r/t    1.146
60'    2.177
330    6.186
mph   57.68
1/8    9.457
mph   74.75

second run: / 5.13.2005

r/t     .847
60'    2.229
330    6.277
mph   57.32
1/8    9.588
mph   71.97

third run: / 5.13.2005

r/t     .667
60'    2.226
330    6.216
mph   57.83
1/8    9.463
mph   76.18


good job cutting your reaction time. i need track time myself to help with the tree and all. seems like some gears would help your 60ft… do you have the stock gear ratio?


guessing so… i havent done any mods myself, and i dont think anyone who owned it before me has either… except the person done in florida… maybe… but i doubt there is any modifications to the car at all, doesnt look like it (gears would be hard to tell if just looking at the car huh? :lol)


well with maybe 4.10s or at least 3.73s you could easily cut down your 60-foot and that would result in a lower e/t as well…


nice times lemon. Keep it up


thanks si

atlantic, what would be the approximate mpg on those gears?


wouldnt be affected too much… only at speeds around 70-75 or so b/c you will be closer to 2500 rpms-2800 rpms at that speed… and the higher the speed in 3rd gear, the worse the gas milage. but city driving could be better mpg with a 4.10 gear, depending on how you drive…

ask joe, i think he had 4.10s for a while…


still can’t beat me sucka…lol…j/k


Re: RE: first drag strip thing

your right, i dont wanna beat ya, thats for your wife or g/f or the corner hooker or whatever you do…


your damn right