First Easter

Emma’s first Easter!

LOL that last one… the caption should be “oh come already with the damn pictures!!!”

I know, lol, she got SOOO mad!

Next year, her first egg hunt :smiley:

I’m going t have a complete documentation of her life… LOL!

She’s so cute! Going to be a heart-breaker one day!

Little sis?

That last pic totally just made me smile and my heart melted! She is so adorable!

She’s my first ever neice! (well, my first HUMAN niece)

Beautiful little gal :slight_smile:

She’s cute Bri. Spoil her!

Great pics - especially the last one! She’s adorable.

ROFL ROFL… So adorable.

She’s a complete doll baby! Have lots of fun with her! They grow up in the blink of an eye.


What a poser she is…you’ll have to watch her when she gets older:nod:

so cute!!!

Awwwwwwww! :smiley:

Third and fifth pictures are my favorite, can’t beat that expression on her face in the last.

love that last picture of her! she is very cute