First Go-Kart RACE


werd, my first race is going to be this weekend. I can’t wait. :banana :banana :banana :banana i’ll try to a camera from someone for the weekend and get some pics…YAY


Sick…how many CC’s?




sadly to tell you the truth i have no idea. a guy from work is going to let me run his motor until i can afford to build one good enough to hang. all i know really is that is a briggs and stratton 5 horse, thats pushin about 13-14 horses. gonna be pretty quick.


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i got one pic at work, i’ll post it tomorow.


thats not helping my bored ass now…urghhh!!!lol


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Nice…B&S are good motors :booze


like you know what your talking about scott


Go-Kart racing is the shit! I wish I could take a spin on a real one though. Not like those slow fuckers at the Putt Putt joint.




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What if i do :think

Too many perky perks for Bacon :dunno