Following suit... 25 things about yours truly

  1. I have a scar on my chin that looks like an “H”. I got it after a bed jumping incident when I was 2. I jumped right… the bed didn’t.
  2. I have two pugs. Dulce got her name from a bag of Dulce de Leche Oreos and Jackson got his because I was listening to Johnny Cash after I picked him up. It has nothing to Michael, Janet, Tito or any of the others… just thought I’d clear that up.
  3. I may be what you call a reckless driver at times. When I’m having a mellow day though, the worst thing in the world is a road rager!
  4. I hate seeing a good movie, because I’m always left wanting more. What happened next?
  5. I’m terrified of bridges. I especially hate being the driver across one. It sends me into a panic attack, which is obviously not conducive to driving.
  6. I always see someone I randomly know when I go on vacation.
  7. I have a sensory issue with food. If I don’t like the way it feels in my mouth, I won’t eat it. I don’t care how good it tastes.
  8. I still can’t go to the bathroom at night and look anywhere near the mirror! If I happen to glance in that general vicinity- I close my eyes, wash my hands, and run back to bed. My cousins tortured me with stories about Bloody Mary! :willy_nilly:
  9. I can get myself into giggle fits by thinking about something that happened years ago. I usually laugh so hard that I can’t explain the reason for the tears and hyperventilation.
  10. My first day of Pre-K, I turned on all the faucets and let the bathroom flood. I told my mom I would never forgive her for leaving me there and I meant it! The nuns called my mom and told her they didn’t think I was ready, so I had to wait a few months and then return :frowning:
  11. I have a knack for remembering names. I think I make people feel uncomfortable when I remember their name and they don’t know mine. I think I’m being polite, but I don’t like the look on their faces when they rack their brains to think of my name.
  12. When I get hiccups, they last for at least 20 minutes. I have tried every trick in the book, but nothing helps! :frowning:
  13. When I was like 3, we had an aquarium and I named all the fish for Winnie the Pooh characters. It wasn’t until I was in high school that I was told Piglet had been replaced several times because he kept getting eaten by Eeyore. Go figure!
  14. My ancestors invented the cork screw. You’re welcome.
  15. I’m a total germaphobe. Hand sanitizer and Lysol are never more than an arm’s length away.
  16. I can’t stand when people put toilet paper on the roll backward. It goes up and over people!!! I will change it in your house if I see it done incorrectly! There is actually a germ related reason for this if you care to know :slight_smile:
  17. I put pictures up in every space available. I like to be reminded of the beautiful people I have in my life.
  18. I’m a total grammar Nazi. I constantly correct people when they talk or speak to me. To go along with that, text talk drives me absolutely insane. Could you be any lazier?? Does not typing 1 or 2 letters really save you that much time?
  19. I apparently make really strange faces when I’m telling stories. My co-workers have started a photographic journal of me and all of my faces.
  20. I was in the opening credits for Saturday Night Live when I was 9 or 10. They were shooting at Rockefeller Center at the ice rink. The moment I had my big chance in front of the camera, I face planted :frowning:
  21. I collect dragonfly things, Italian chef things, and things that are lime green.
  22. I was varsity cheerleading and gymnastics captains in high school.
  23. I’m obsessed with Crystal Light Iced Tea.
  24. I’m training for the Disney Princess Half Marathon. My friend Jenn is coming down for it from New Jersey. She is going to be Ariel and I’m dressing as Belle :stuck_out_tongue:
  25. My father works for Nestle and his plant makes Wonka candy. I have eaten Wonka candies straight off of the conveyor belt :smiley:

Wow! I don’t even think I could tell anyone 25 things about myself.

Guess I don’t know myself that well.:frowning:

im sure driving from jersey into philadelphia on the ben franklin or walt whitman sucked for ya

I went across the Walt Witman once when they were doing construction on one whole side. They had two ways of traffic going straight at each other with no barriers except for cones. I about died!!:willy_nilly:

hahaha i just filled mine out in the other thread, hell its hard to come up with 25 things about yourself… most of mine are things people already knew

I guess I should have read the whole other thread… didn’t realize everyone answered in there!! :dunno

Ummmmm… yeah… You needed your very own thread, eh? LOL!


#26- I’m a big fat attention whore!!!

I would have never known… :wink:

i didnt read the thread i apologize.

Sorry Dana, that wasn’t directed towards you!! It was to RR!

Okay… I need to take more care to actually read thoroughly.

… and yet you started your own thread too! :24:

I did… I wrote them up I might aswell not waste them. :nod:

HOORAY for Grammar Nazis!!!

Jersey, u n i r 2 kewl for txt talk ay???

[quote=“sophie, post: 1100791”]HOORAY for Grammar Nazis!!!

Jersey, u n i r 2 kewl for txt talk ay???[/quote]

I just lost some brain cells deciphering that! :24:

I irrevocably lost some writing it.

My boss sends out emails sometimes… and she text talks in them… I just got one from her and now I feel even dumber!

I’m the same way! Donnie doesn’t understand though. He thinks I’m crazy.