Food Allergies


Anybody got any strange food allergies?


nope. my allergies just act up around sawdust/drywall dust and pretty much any other sort of really thick dust.

Pollen and grass really don’t bother me a lot.


I dunno if its an allergy, but I CAN’T eat onions!!! I will want to die for the next day!!! They hurt me in a baaaaad way. :dunno


Cameron, my 2 yr old, use to be real bad allergic to milk when he was a baby. But, apparently he has outgrown it b/c he eats the crap outta ice cream and cereal with regular milk.


I don’t have any food allergies. Never have.

But, I do get really bad allergies from pollen/mold… etc. And I break out in a rash all over my arms if I touch powered tide.


Well, I don’t want to be a whiner, but I have a “not enough poon per week” issue. :dunno …damn my overactive romance gene . *hands all teh ladies here a rose. :boozie


im not sure if he still is but my cousin was alergic to dairy products as a kid but the only thing that i know of that im alergic to is dayquil and night quil and dust. and oreo cookies go through me faster than nos man going down the 1320


no, just strawberries and watermelon :dunno


milk…I can drink or eat dairy products but of 2 things can happen…I get the shits or really bad gas…I mean I can clear a stadium type farts…so I keep my dairy intake low



Re: RE: Food Allergies

Im right there with ya!! lol… but lately, I have been getting a good bit.
high fives joe