Football schedule


every week


:dunno It all looks foreign to me. I dont know much about that kind of thing.

#3’re my hero


I had a feeling I was…lol


thank you son i like the giants schedule. :smiley:


Jags are gunna take the the bowl this year


yeah the giants should be above 500 this year


i would hope they have an easy schedule


Re: RE: football schedule

[quote=DarthStriker]i would hope they have an easy schedule[/quote]would be even easyer if they played the Jag-off’s :smiley:


Re: RE: football schedule

Hell dude, I sure hope so. Is this another Jag fan on here finally?


wouldnt trade them for any other team espc. since i go to 2 or 3 of thier games a year


I thought dt3 was the only one dumb enough to like those bums.