OK, I’m bored and in need of an NFL fix. So who’s your favorite team? As for me, go Jags!




I’m from MA…take a guess :booze


The Browns… Yeah i know, they’re a joke


the Dolphins and I support the Giants as well

this would be a great thread in a sports section… :lol :dunno


Go Bengals!!!

They’ll do it this year!!!

:funnah :rofl :funnah :rofl :funnah :rofl :funnah

No really I swear it!!

:funnah :rofl :funnah :rofl :funnah :rofl :funnah


is that why its been real cold out this year


My old high school gym class flag football team beat the bengals…true story


Re: RE: Football

I wouldnt really call that something to brag about…LoL!!

I do though think the Bengals do have some talent, and once they get it together can become a dangerous team. I’d like to think it will be this year. I’d be happy if they could win more than half of their games.

Actually, I think the team to beat this year is the Steelers. Why couldnt we have bought Rothlesburger???


I’ll watch any team play. I like feeling like the housewife that brings her husband and his drunken, redneck friends beer and chicken wings all night, and then challenging them to a burping contest afterwards. Nothing better than that, right?


mark my words. Eagles are going all the way next year if terell owens will stop being such a whiney little bitch.


eagles have a better chance crashing in a plane


I’ve always loved the Colts and Manning is a great Q.B.

But the team I hate to love is the San Diego Chargers. Same with the Padres. I mean the City is the best City in America. The Best climate. Grat Surf. Great off roading. when you want to get really rowdy and blow off steam you can go to T.J. Well any way I digres from the point of the trhread. The Chargers are the team that I would love to see do great. But the franchise just can’t put a championship team together.


Re: RE: Football

Your a little fugger! Do you have to copy EVERYTHING off of me! :fu


Re: RE: Football

No freakin way Haus. TO will be gone before the season starts


screw TO he is over rated…he’s had a couple good seasons…what about the other 10 years he was in the nfl and you didn’t hear a damn thing about him


Don’t get me wrong…he is a playmaker. Kinda reminds me of Michael Irvin. But this shit that he doesn’t get payed enough and needs to take care of his family??? :tard I say :fu T.O.! Live on our salaries and take care of your families. What a fucking cry baby! He made a NEW contract LAST YEAR!!! Not 3 or 4 years ago and has been playing stellar…this was LAST YEAR! He knew what he was getting paid…that is why they have contracts. If you can’t play football for the $$ he’s making and take care of your family for the rest of his life, he’s a retard :tard


do you have any idea what insurance is like on a ferrari…god forbid he doesn’t drive a normal car


I hear that my brotha!


go to the football guys’ website…