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Chicks Suck Ass!!!

Nurse and I are split, and I fuckin hate it. :dunno I met a girl thats a lot younger and hot as hell :smiley: (Nurse is hot as hell too for those that don’t know her) and the new girl wants me bad but i’m fuckin lost in the world of the dating game what do I do? :dunno Nurse and I have been thru this before and always stayed together, this time I think it’s for real. :dunno Do I hook it up :hump with the youngster or not? If I do Nurse will :fu and I will be like :wtf Dudes I need your help fur real :tard I miss my Nurse :wtf


Go tell nurse you dont want the hot little thing. You want her!!!

Whatever it is that you did or didnt do for you guys to split up…show her you can start. I’m not saying you really did anything…it might have been her. But there are always things you can do better.



savage what you can with the nurse- if it doesnt work out, bang the shit out of the youngster :rock


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She’s on the phone with me man. I need her (the youngster) bad, Nurse is still mad, and I need some lovin Nurse aint givin


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She’s on the phone with me man. I need her (the youngster) bad, Nurse is still mad, and I need some lovin Nurse aint givin[/quote]

What you “need” may make nurse much madder than she’s ever been. Think about next week…next month…not right now.


Which one do really and truly care the most about? Are you willing to sacrifice something youve had with Nurse for one night of :hump . Or are you gonna throw it all away. Have you ever heard the saying “The grass aint always greener on the other side”?


Update… the youngster (Amber) is on her way but im still afraid to get :hump cuz I love Nurse :dunno


All this shit in your life, and you just raised your high score on Frisbee Throw??? Work on the relationships, not the game. I want the trophy!


I posted and saw 2 new posts I give up I need some luvin not sex. My hand is always going to be my wife :wtf


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I will send you the hint PM :banana


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I will send you the hint PM :banana[/quote]

I wanna hint!


Hint = Keep trying :smiley:


red… do what they said, keep what you have with nurse!!


shit… just realized the title… Its says FOR MEN ONLY-- so, I take my comment back! lol


don’t let…let the green grass fool ya…don’t let…let it change your mind

cadence song we would sing on runs…don’t know exactly how it fits here but…think about the meaning


I decided to go :hump Nurse tonight and make things better :cool


i am in the same boat. i finally called it for me and my EX. we had done same thing and it always worked out, but i guess you can only do that for so long. i figured that if it wasn’t going to ever be right, then i shouldn’t wait till its too late. i finally called it last week. its sucks, don’t get me wrong. i still love her, but i am not going to kid one another into thinking we are happy. the thing that sucks now, is not having that comfort zone, not waking up to her laying beside me. i guess it will get better, soon i hope. i have been talking to a girl i work with. even though i told myself i would never fall for a Navy chick, i think i am. i am going to take things slow this time. i am not going to waste another 5yrs of my life being unhappy… anyway, good on ya for making up with the lady friend… :hump


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I know it sucks dude I wish you the best of luck in your venture also. Me and Nurse decided to be :hump buddys for now. Since I moved out we get along :dunno aint that a pisser. We are going out to eat tonight and I am going to :hump her brains out. Maybee this bacholer life wont be so bad :banana


nice!!! i moved out as well and shit just got worse. i think i am getting use to the bacholer life myself… i kinda like. i can actually hug another girl and not get bitched out or be on ass restriction for a month… :rock


that sucks for you guys, sorry to hear that. for some reason ive always had a problem with lying and it has caused alot of rough waters in my relationship, but i realized i care so much about her id never know what id do without her(well prolly find another woman) but she makes me so happy and has always done me right, and never bitches about stupid shit ie: drinking, strip clubs, friends, porn etc. i wish you guys the best of luck some good ones are out there.