For-Profit Prisons


What is everyone’s opinions on Private(For-Profit) Prisons? Tbh I can’t say I’m really against them, as long as there’s a little bit of regulation for them.


I’m not too fond of the idea, but then our prisons aren’t too overcrowded. I would argue that such prisons must be regulated, because the main role of a prison should be rehabilitation. It is easy to see how a private system could be abused.

However, given that public prisons place an enormous burden on state finances, perhaps it isn’t such a bad idea.


Yeah, I was thinking more along the lines of like, we keep state prisons for non-violent offenders and people who’ve only been in so many times (aren’t repeat offenders) and focus on rehabilitation. But for the private prisons we send those who engage in violent crimes/ have life sentences/ rapists/child molesters etc etc. Ofc keep regulation so they don’t get too abused, but I can’t honestly say I care for rapists/child molesters and the likes.


Well, i am afraid that it could be implemented and with success in reduction of state expenses and coping with the current overcrowding but…

But i believe that if we wanted such a project to operate properly it would require strict and careful control so as the rights of the prisoners to be respected and so as the goal to be their rehabilitation. I think that this could increase the cost again. So one of our initial goals may not to be able to be reached if we want to do the job properly.

Moreover, we already know that in current prisons rights are impinged a lot. I suppose that these foundations will be areas of further trespassing of prisoners rights. If we want to progress as humans we should not support such ventures. Believing that private prisons will operate based on respect of prisoners’ right seem utopic for me.

Of course it is your right to support that you don’t care for rapists/child molestors etc but i disagree with you because each one of us people hides inside him many too good and too bad sides of himself. Rapism or children molesting are examples of how family, school, society etc has failed to educate people and make them a part of the society. But this is another discussion and ti is very controversial too.


I’m against prisons.
Fines should be for anything non-heinous, and death should be for heinous crimes. There would be judicial leniency obviously, a judge can rule if the convict is sentenced to death, however if they aren’t put to death they would be fined; in addition to the fine, they should also be advocated a rehabilitation process if the crime is drug related, mental health related, or, if you accidentally kill someone (manslaughter), offer consoling so you can cope with taking another person’s life.
No sane person would willingly kill an innocent man, woman, or child. No sane person would rape a man, woman, or child. No one who would be willing to act upon their desires to do so should be allowed to live. Prisons drain the national treasury, private prisons do the same as the public pay them. So it it also economically unsound.


The only problem with that is what if they can’t pay the fines?


Civil Service


Absolutely not. It adds an unnecessary financial motivator to the justice system and is bound to lead to corruption, just as it has as we have seen. Private prisons lobby to make minor crimes punishable with jail time, regardless of the opinion of the judge or specifics of the case (3 strikes anyone?) just in an effort to make themselves wealthier. Privatization can be good when it creates demand to stimulate the economy, but prisons isn’t something we exactly want a high demand for


Very Roman Republic-esque of you. Ever heard of Cicero? I think you’d like him


Rancid , putrid , immoral . WRONG!!!


I agree with you but you should explain why