For sale


Hey guys, I have some small block chevy parts that I am about to sell. Was wondering if anyone would have a use for them before they go to ebay.

  1. Tall Aluminum Valve covers, finned with Camaro script

  2. Short Chrome Valve covers with Erson script

  3. 7 .030 over 400 SBC pistons with “pink” rods

  4. Edelbrock Torquer II intake (really clean)

  5. Moroso polished Aluminum Vacuum canister

All these parts are in really great condition and are very clean.

I will probly list more tomorow, I need to look in my shop and see what I don’t really need. Gotta make room for a project. :rock


What kind of project?

Psssst, I like your avatar! That rocks! :rock


The kind of project that is sitting in YOUR front yard!!! :smiley: I got that avatar from Boss. Hella!!!



:rofl :rofl :rofl

There are all kinds of projects in my front yard!


:cool ( front yard… :rofl ) [/sick minded comment]