For Southern Women


Okay, this is for all the southern woman out there. I am a true southerner myself and I am proud of it!

Southern woman appreciate their natural assets:
Clean skin.
A winning smile.
That unforgettable Southern drawl.

Southern women know their manners:
“Yes, ma’am.”
“Yes, sir.”
“Why, no, Billy Bob!”

Southern women have a distinct way with fond expressions:
“Y’all come back!”
“Well, bless your heart.”
“Drop by when you can.”
“How’s your Momma?”

Southern women know their summer weather report:

Southern women know their vacation spots:
The beach
The beach
The beach

Southern women know the joys of June, July, and August:
Summer tans
Colorful hi-heel sandals
Strapless sun dresses

Southern women know everybody’s first name:

Southern women know the movies that speak to their hearts:
Fried Green Tomatoes
Driving Miss Daisy
Steel Magnolias
Gone With The Wind

Southern women know their religions:

Southern women know their country breakfasts:
Red-eye gravy
Country ham
Mouth-watering homemade biscuits with mama’s homemade jelly

Southern women know their cities dripping with Southern charm: Charleston
Savannah (S’vanah)
New Orleans (N’awlins)
Atlanta (Addlanna)

Southern women know their elegant gentlemen:
Men in uniform
Men in tuxedos
Rhett Butler, of course!

Southern girls know their prime real estate:
The Mall
The Country Club
The Beauty Salon

Southern girls know the four deadly sins:
Having bad hair and nails
Having bad manners
Cooking bad food
Wearing too much makeup in the summer

Southern girls know men may come and go, but friends are fahevah!

Now…Shugah, send this to some girls who were raised in the South
or wish they had been! If you’re a Northern transplant, Bless your heart,
fake it. We know you got here as fast as you could…!!!




southern womens’ resort town

charleston, sc… historic as all get out, and chuck full of south :smiley:


Southern girls know just what to say after sex

Roll over Daddy, y’all crushing my ciggerettes!


Re: RE: For Southern Women

[quote=RecklessTim]Southern girls know just what to say after sex

Roll over Daddy, y’all crushing my ciggerettes![/quote]



I’m a Northerner (Wisc)… What the hell are grits?




you dont know what grits are?



If it’s breakfast, I don’t know it, heh…

So what are grits?

BTW Lemon, that SSJ Gogeta pic is swank.

Yea, the Monkey is a DBZ freak.


grits are well…grits. not really any way to explain them, they can be runny or thick, dry or juicy, sweet or salty. i think they are made from ground corn, not 100% sure though. although i do know that my favorite kind are the one’s my pops makes, take chicken base and put in real grits (not the ones in a packet) and cookem together mmmmmm good.


yeah i never heard of grits either. :dunno just like down south they call crackers “nabs” or something like that. up in PA we call crackers, crackers. go figure. i dont even think they make grits up here from the way matt described them.


ive heard of grits but never had em nor do i like the way they sound i mean broccoli, cauliflower, grits its just one of those things when u hear it it just sounds like something u dont think would taste good


Mrs Behavion have you ever okie noodeled b4???

Its not what you probley think.

Google it.

Ill give you one hint and that it involves cat fish.


if any of you wan’t i can mail you a box of cheese, or butter, or plain with bacon, or a mixed box…its good stuff. really warms ya up. no charge at all to you. just so you can see all the good stuff yer missing up thar…


Thats nice of ya but offering that in a open forum seriously might come back and bite you on the ass.

i did that with tasty kakes along time ago(the Pa and NJ members probally know what im talking about with tasty kakes) i knew a guy who worked for tasty kake and he gave me a few cases each of 5 varietys and offered them on a camaro forum for the members cause tasty kake is only available in my area. oh man i never thought being nice was gonna cost so much money in the shipping.


good point…i’ll send grits to the first 5 folks if you wantem…


Ya know, St. Augistine is another Southern City Dripping with Charm.


that … just … didnt … sound … right