For those of you that are too afraid to try acid

This is what it’s like…


:24: except you can’t turn it off


LOL I still wouldn’t do it.

No thank you.

This tempts me. :wink:

No, really.

So many ways to depict the effects of this…

I could post paragraphs upon paragraphs on this subject :stuck_out_tongue:

LOL fuck that

Sign me up!

not for me

fuck yeah :thumbup

[quote=“RecklessTim, post: 1082695”]This is what it’s like…

:24: except you can’t turn it off[/quote]i liked the song:D

[quote=“daniellllleee, post: 1082699”]This tempts me. :wink:

No, really.

[/quote]:ninja:eek that scared me…and thats more of the reason why i would never want to try that stuff…:yuk


The only time I EVER dropped acid my friend decided to tell me the cops were outside. So after I freaked out and kicked everyone out, I sat on the front porch for hours smoking and watching for cops. I’ll never touch the shit again.

[FONT=Arial][SIZE=3][quote=“Wookiegirl, post: 1082706”]The only time I EVER dropped acid my friend decided to tell me the cops were outside. So after I freaked out and kicked everyone out, I sat on the front porch for hours smoking and watching for cops. I’ll never touch the shit again.[/quote]


ok ok i got something like it. (keep in mind this was when i was much much younger)

[/SIZE][/FONT] [FONT=Arial][SIZE=3][/SIZE][/FONT] [FONT=Arial][SIZE=3]I had managed to come across 5 sheets of some of the fake white blotter stuff that was out in the early-mid 90’s I say fake because most acid out there isn’t really acid, its just chemicals put together to have somewhat the same effect but much dirtier than the real stuff… and yes I have had the real stuff.

Mind you I was 16-18 at the time and had gone to stay at my best friend’s house on the suburbs of Houston. I knew I could sell the hits there and make some cash as it was the weekend! Of course the first night my buddies and I took a few hit to sample the batches. 2, 3, 4 hits each. So we were up all night, day and into the next night.

My buddy Nick tells me of this dude who is a new friend of his and he’s interested in buying a full sheet from us. If I recall correctly a full sheet was something like 500 dollars at the time… or maybe 250 hell I can’t remember.

So in we go backpack full of goods and ready to go! We roll to the guy’s house which was rather close to my friend Nick’s place. We roll in and I remember this hairy metallica-looking guy skinny and tiny as tiny can be folding clothes on his couch. We mingle for a few but the guy wants proof the stuff is “good” Nick, Paul and I tell him well we’ve not slept in almost 48 hours and we are close to what we think is the end of our PEAK (Google the term if needed lol). I remember the guy not buying it very much, he breaks out the cash and looks at me square in the eye and says:

Ok here’s the money but I have to check one more thing… in comes this girl wearing a shirt that reads “POLICE” in it. now keep in mind I have been smacked out of it for almost 48 hours and I swear I’ve never felt more scared than that day I jumped him, took a few swings at him, took the money and Paul and I bolted out of the house and RAN to nicks place.

A few hours later Nick calls his place. He is LOL’ing his ass off with the other guy in the background, Paul and I are SCARED SHITLESS and ready to beat down whoever knocks on the door… Nick says
Come back and finish the deal dumbass!
He was just testing to see if it we were faking it!

Indeed the dude was checking to see our reaction to gage how whacked out we were… I went back, finished the deal, that same night I got rid of everything I had in stock, made a killing and a few weeks later I bought my very first Honda hatchback.

no I’m not saying it was a good thing, I did a lot of things I now wish I’d not done, but let this be known that this isn’t something for anyone to play with, truth of the matter is if I had been carrying a weapon the guy would have likely never made it to the next morning and I wouldn’t be here typing this. Paul and I simply lost it! And while we did experiment a few times after that, it never had the same impact

Sure the visuals are fun, and no! nothing like what its shown on TV, its a kind of inexplicable feeling… you have everything coming at your 100+mph and more often than not and as weird as it sounds you can see and feel things you normally cannot. There is a term to it but to be honest I cannot recall it.

This stuff is not to be toyed with… no joke[/SIZE][/FONT]

No thank you.

I’ve never even had the urge… I’ve done maybe one hard drug and popped a pill but i thought it was asprin because my girlfriend at the time had given it to me. I got home and I was seein shit… like fucking locust swarming around me when I was on the shitter so i decided to go to bed.

I will never try acid. lol

Actually we had a women come talk to us about acid, and she basically made any ids ‘on the fence’ about trying it want to try it. She was like ‘It was my drug of choice because you can’t get addicted to it and you can’t overdose’ ‘I had a lot of fun, never got in trouble for the 6 years I used.’ ‘o no, good question, I don’t regret using it’ (of course not, you didn’t cut your skin off, jump out a window, or kill one of your friends, why would you regret it) she barely told any of the students what can happen to you if you use it. If I didn’t know better, I would probably try it.

a person who does more seven hits of acid in their life time does enough perm damage that they are considered schizophrenic

Well shit. :\ Haha.

[quote=“daniellllleee, post: 1082713”]Well shit. :\ Haha.

lol well im fucked too…

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