For women only: Would you vote for Trump or a practicing Muslim?


For women only: Would you vote for Trump or a practicing Muslim?

Trump has been heard to denigrate and discriminate against women. So has Mohammad and practicing Muslims. Sharia law definitely favors men over women.

I think that any woman would be foolish to vote for Trump or a practicing Muslin.

Do you agree?

If not, then tell us why you would vote for Trump or a practicing Muslim.


If Muhammad replaced Trump

Interesting video, please watch and say what you think.




That’s not really a fair question. It doesn’t take into consideration other reasons a woman might vote for Trump or a Muslim, such as proposed economic/ social/ foreign policy. The question also assumes that voting a Muslim into power would automatically mean that the country would operate under Sharia law, which wouldn’t be the case in reality.


All true but it would show that the woman does not seek equality under the law which is a staple to any freedom loving person.

It would. to me, show a woman who has a slave mentality and does not really want to be free and equal in her democracy.

Quite the shame as many women and men have fought and died to give women that freedom under the law.



Would you like to show what you think?



Can you please make this more gender neutral? I am offended now. :grimacing:


A woman, or any person, can vote for either of those candidates and still want equality. It means that there are other reasons for her voting choice, such as the suggestions I made above.

Seeking equality isn’t a necessary requirement to wanting freedom.

If a woman, or any person, wants to vote for a candidate, that’s their democratic choice. Whether you agree with their choice or not, they should have the freedom to vote for who they want to elect. To me, that doesn’t cast shame on the right to vote.


Depends on how devout he is.




Good god…



Why? I had a specific question for women and am allowed to make it gender specific as they are the ones who are only worth half a man in Muslim law.



I agree that it does not cast shame on the right to vote but

Strange that you do not see that the first duty of a free person is to insure that all share that freedom and that Muslim women are not worth only half of what a Muslim man is worth.

If that is not a truth then tell us just what your first duty to women is if you are free.



It was sarcasm… Was only saying that because it was “throwing shade” at SJW, feminist, and ultra progressives. Now make one for those who are “nonbinary” so we can have equality…


He’s being facetious.


Can I vote for neither?

Honestly, would vote Trump - but like @frankie said, am considering everything else as well.


Equality is not what I see Trump or Muslims advocating.

Trump said he gets quite upset when he gets home and super in not on the table while Sharia only give women’s testimony half the value of a man’s.



Why is that their first duty? And I think your wording is lacking; if a person is truly free, then surely they should have no duty, commitment or obligation to anyone or anything?

You appear to believe that all women want or advocate equality, which simply isn’t the case.


Unless they use their executive powers to enforce it.