For women only: Would you vote for Trump or a practicing Muslim?


I like how both the left and right wingers of the forum liked this comment. lol


Congress can and would overturn an executive order to implement Sharia law.


Can it do that?

Why hasn’t the Republican-dominated Obama-hating congress we have now been able to overturn any of Obama’s executive orders?


I thought Congress could directly overturn executive orders, but I guess I’m wrong.

Congress can refuse funding for the order or pass legislation which effectively overrides the order.


It’s alright, it would be like me commenting on British politics, I can do it but, I probably won’t get all the facts right at first.


Depends on the policies of the Muslim.

I’d be more likely to vote for a Sufi than a Wahhabi though, since the former are usually less radical.



Congress has what is called “legislative oversight” where they would need a 2/3 majority vote that can overturn an executive order.


That’s what I thought, but I couldn’t find anything online to support that. It’s never happened, has it?


I believe it has, yes. My mind is not very great this morning ;), but I will try and find some examples of it occurring.


My memory isn’t much better. :joy:


You’re communist scum so, you’re pretty dumb anyway.:grin:


Except a President couln’t do that with executive powers.


How come? Because of the constitution?




so a piece of paper is going to stop them?


Yes. The president doesn’t get total control because they say they do. There’s still a secular congress, court, and military.


Does congress have the power to actually overturn anything the President does, though? Why hasn’t the Republican congress been able to overturn Obama’s disastrous executive actions?


There’s this thing called judicial review that the Supreme Court uses.


Oh, and since the supreme court is currently in Obama’s pocket, they are letting him get away with everything. Okay, so like, say Muhammed was the President, and the court was packed with radical Muslims. NOW can we have Sharia? At this point the Congress will be full of radicals, too. See, there’s just no escaping it, once you let 'em all in they breed like rabbits and become the majority and you are now the minority - and minorities get squashed. History shows us this. IDK why you are so eager to be a minority.


That’s a very unlikely hypothetical. And the question was about the president, not the entire govt. You could easily say the us could turn communist if communists we’re elected to every office. Its a pointless hypothetical.