For women only: Would you vote for Trump or a practicing Muslim?


I mean it’s very likely. Okay maybe not in the US but in Europe for sure. They will be Eurabia soon enough. Don’t you think? I mean you’d have to be very blind (not literally) not to see it.


You can put me down as highly skeptical of that claim.



Also, I’m going to invite some gang-bangers into my home for a sleep over tonight.

Now, if I were to worry about anything happening to me or my children over night, that would be pointless hypothetical.


Yep. Every Muslims a gang member. You got me.


Okay let’s say I’m inviting a group of people into my home tonight but there are known gang-bangers among them. Still pointless hypothetical?


How many people?

How many gang members?

Where are they sleeping?

How long are they there?


How many people? like, 15.
How many gang members? Like 4.
Where are they sleeping? Bedroom with my children.
How long are they there? Probably forever, they have no where else to stay. At least for these next few nights though, for sure.


Bad analogy is bad.


Okay, does it really matter? You can see the point I am trying to make.



If the first duty of a free person is not to insure that all share that freedom, then what do you see as the first duty of those who live in free countries?

It is our first duty to uphold the law and the law says that we are all equal under the law of the land.

The duty of all citizens, first and foremost is to insure as best as one can that the law is followed. That is why we can all make a citizens arrest.

If you see someone’s freedom being supressed and do not act, you are not doing your duty and that is not honorable.



Yes it matters because it does nothing to support your point.


Um, yes it does. Europe is doing the same thing I am doing, essentially.


People who live in a truly free country or society have no duty.

How can you be free if you’re governed by law?


So you do not think you have a duty to follow the law. What can I say.

There is no such thing as freedom. As Socrates said/asked, who will make your shoes.

There can only be liberty.

Liberty definition, freedom from arbitrary or despotic government or control.



Whatever good done by the majority you’re letting in is outweighed by the bad done by the minority.
Just as if you could be sure that you were importing 5 geniuses along with 95 retards it would still be worth taking all hundred.

The question of taking in Muslim refugees should be rationally approached from the perspective of how much good and how much bad they do. I would argue that the bad they bring from their fundamentalist religious views and the bad they cause from the backlash by the native public far outweighs the surplus low-mid skill labor they provide.


A “truly free country” implies a radically libertarian or classical liberal state that has no laws other than the most basic and only the most basic public institutions.


4/15 Muslims are not terrorists.


You’re right it’s probably more than that.

My argument still stands.




What do you mean? I said it’s probably more than that. I have no way of knowing if it actually is.

I was referring to my other argument, which indeed does, still stand.