Freakin bored


im sitting here by the computer. im bored. noone is around and im not going out by myself. ( need to sleep ealry for work anyway).

so bored. need more games to play!..

hmm…joe do you think it would be possible at all to get 2 player games on here? or can flash not do that sort of thing…


Sorry you’re in boredsville man. Good luck finding your way out. :gears


Yea Poor Art dont that SUCK big time :lol :lol :lol


oh man, i was all exceited to se a response to the thread… and thats what i get?


haha, I am bored too, but I am fixing to have my trusty essay writing skills to keep me busy LOL. :slight_smile:


hay Art what LOL …im watching Rose red myself hehehehe


whats the essay on?

tazzy whats rose red


The essay is about the story A Rose for Emily. Have you ever heard of it? I also have to do an out line for my book report :frowning:


Rose red the movie by Stephen King :lol


never heard of roses or emily… sorry - but good luck.


Hey you forgot to mention how you were tryin’ to snag my picos poppin’ trophy. :smiley: . I’m a picos poppin’ daddy!


you got lucky!.. hehe

but yeah, i guess i was playing a LITTLE…


still bored though… snagged a bullseye trophy tonight though :smiley:


:o tazzy!


Dude I played that a couple times and got number nine on the list. So I thought hmm, not too hard. Kept playing and playing. I decided I had to have the trophy. I got to where I could get at least 70 every time. 4 Hours later, no lie, the trophy was mine!!! BWAHAHA. It was hard…But I did it :banana


bored bored bored bored


hehe i know what you mean - i can get 70 almost consistently - but to break 80s you just have to get a bunch of those nice clusters


yall have fun… im going to bed. :slight_smile:

edit: forgot to add in the :hump


bored as well


:dunno nothing to do on a monday night…


i guess im gonna go to sleep too