Free Credit Reports


The government passed a law where you can get 1 free credit report per year for free. Today, march 1, was the starting day that a new set of states could get theres. Check it out if your curious about your credit,

I paid the extra 5 bucks to get my score too, its not included…


thanks for the link… I didnt hear about that law.


and if you read the whole law… in the small print at the end, it says that all women need to go topless on days that exceed 65 degrees. No kidding

Thanks for the info :smiley:


:agree Yeah, it does say that. I believe there was also something about posting pictures also


:agree yep i heard about that knew law on the news tonight. esp. woman that live in valdosta georgia. J/K


Not free where I live until Sept. :dunno


credits?? btw that page dosent work…


It does work, you just have to read from left to right and group words together to form sentences to understand anything. :tard