Free Cruise for those who served in Iraq


In my search for my tropical destination I found this article on a cruise forum. WOOHOO!!! :banana :banana :banana

Members of the military are being offered a chance to get away - for free! Discovery Cruise Line is offering military personnel who served in either Iraq or Afghanistan this year a free cruise to the Grand Bahama Island.


The page can not be found


I want a free cruise! I would go back to Hawaii, that place is the shinizzledizzlefizzlewizzle.


I’m drinking a Bahama Mama right now :booze


Splooge juice? :dunno


I want a free cruise. :o

Maybe someone will buy me one.


Fixed link…I dunno what the other one was???

I must have copied the wrong one!


wow… thats pretty cool.

What about the rest of us civilians? lol


I served during that time, but I was off the coast for 11 months… I wonder if I qualify???


Re: RE: Free Cruise for those who served in Iraq

Can I go with you? :rock


I wouldn’t go anyway. :dunno I’ve spent enough time on ships… even though I’m going to talk to the Navy tomm about going back in. :tard


Now why would you leave again? :dunno
If you leavem then who would I talk to? :dunno


I dunno. Meet me in the chat and you can talk to me now. :dunno Well… lemme smoke first. :booze