Free webhosting available!


It’s official. Free web hosting is available through

If you ever wanted your own web site or web forums but either didn’t know how or couldn’t afford it - it’s now available for free. pm me with your desired website name and password and I will set you up. Once again there is no cost, web services are ad supported. Your website would be

ps - $25 award to the first person with an active website to average 100 unique hits per day over a 1 week period or reach 100 forum members.


How would you give ME the $25?? :smiley:


Check or paypal.


Send that check now buddy :smiley: Just incase :wink:


hmm… might have to check this out… maybe a computer forums/ news place… hmm


I have a few ideas that would probly work well. But I’m not 100% sure that I could show them the love and attention required to have it blow up. Let me ponder on a few of my ideas, put something down on paper and I’ll shoot you a PM MD. Oh, and I’m not really concerned about winning the 25 bones.


The more blowup the better. I’m even considering a revenue sharing program with the site owners.


anyone want a blog? great for those that don’t want the complications or worries about growing a forum!

a blog is short for “web log”. Pretty much a place where you can keep an online diary of shit thats happening or just whats on your mind. People can read it and comment on it. It could be your own personal place where you keep links for yourself that you visit often or whatever.

I think everyone should have a blog :smiley:


I want a website :smiley:


anyone interested should pm me their desired website name (anything is available) and password.


Re: RE: Free webhosting available!

What if I decide I dont like the domain name :dunno


Then you’d find yourself in an akward position… considering it’s you who decides the name :lol


Can I change it later :dunno


please see the home page, sorry for any inconvenience but its in the best interest for everyone.