French fries and potato chips cause cancer


I just heard that on Fox News… They said that when starches are cooked at extreme temperatures it causes a chemical reaction which is cancer causing… If this were true every damn American would have cancer…
Next they will say chocolate milk gives you herpes. :tard


They always have some new “research” information. Supposedly if you do this and if you do that then it will help you lose weight or it will help you sleep better or what not! That shit gets old. I get tired of hearing all that nonsense.


I used to work in marketing. You can make any study say pretty much what you want it to. Not that french fries are good for you…but cmon!!


chocolate milk gives you herpes :o good thing I stay away from dairy cause I have a lactose intolerance


Re: RE: French fries and potato chips cause cancer…

Exactly. It can definitely cause blocked arteries and shiz because of all that grease and fat, but I doubt it can cause cancer. If so, I’ve got a one way ticket with the chemo machine, because i’ve eaten french fries all my life.

I love fries. YUM.