Friday come donw

I tend to feel distressed on a Friday night cuz I don’t plan ahead and didn’t think that doing things on this particular day would put me out of misery. I feel pathetic cuz I kept saying to myself that I am over my ex, I am not incomplete any more and I still tried to contact him simply cuz I don’t have any one else and I feel lonely. I am not a bad looking girl and I am doing well socially and academically I just don’t get why I don’t have luck at all in the love sector.

just stop trying, and give up on love all togather, then itll hit yoU! ha worked for me anyway, i was like fuck it fuck love ill just go out and have a graet time…and eventualy love caught up to me;) …but its friday, and the best part about life is not planning at all , so be sarcastic get out there and have fun!

Yeah, maybe you’re trying to hard. Just work on living your life to do things you enjoy and are important to you and it will make you more attractive. There’s no bigger turnoff than a girl who comes across as desperate.:slight_smile:

how do u not let a guy know you are not desperate if you were? i mean i dont wanna pretend. i dont know i tend to be too easy with guys.

how old are oyu?

  1. is that bad?

Get into other things you’re intersted in and it won’t be such a big deal to you. What makes a lot of desperate girls unattractive is thats what seem to be all there is about them and it clouds their interests and personality which makes them attractive. A guy who goes for a desperate kind of woman would seem to be only after sex in my opinion.:slight_smile:

You r prolly right about that.