Friend just past away in Iraq


a buddy of mine that I’ve known since 1st grade was just killed 3 days ago in Iraq…I’m leaving for home for 8 days on Wed so I may not be around much.


thank you…its going to be hard when I go home and see his parents


sorry 2 hear…


I’m sorry, I wish I knew how you felt


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no u don’t…it doesn’t feel good at all


well he passed for something good, I guess, I don’t know how you feel. I admire every single one, because they are volunteers and are ones who make the future, IMO


thank you though…its hard to explain the feeling…sorry if I kinda snapped at u


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well i’m sure you heard this a lot in past 3 days, but don’t let yourself down, you know, i’m sure your buddy didn’t want you to feel sad, would he


Sorry to hear that Bacon


sorry to hear that man. my prayers go out to you and his family.


I’m Sorry to hear you lost a friend. My sincerest Condolences to his family.


I just got the full word that there will be amemorial service up in Jersey then his funeral is down in arlington on the 14th so I’m going to have a lot of driving


Sorry to hear about that man. But he died for a good cause at least.



I am so so sorry to hear that. Did he have a wife or any kids that he left behind?
We will all be thinking about you and his family.
I know how you feel though. Being that my 28 yr old cousin passed away not even a month ago in a house fire. I know she wasnt in the military and serving our country, but, its one of the most horrible things when someone so young passes. Its hard to deal with.


he has a wife…no kids but they just bought a house


Sorry for your loss dude… I wish it would’ve been avoided. My best friend is over there right now.


its funny you really don’t think about it as much until it hits so close to home


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I know exactly what you mean.
I mean, I work in the ER and see all kinds of people die from anything to car wrecks to gun shots to house fires. But when it happens to someone your close to, it hits home so hard.




Im so sorry bacon. If you need anything, let me know!