From eclipse and me story LOL



* 3.0L 190hp, 195 ftlbs tq v6
* front wheel drive
* 5-speed manual
* bone stock
* cocky driver


* 3.8L 205ish hp, 210ish ftlbs tq v6
* maganflow cat back
* automatic

  curb weight is pretty similar... close race or do you think the rear wheel drive as it?

  im racing tomorow 5:30 pm after roads dry off at a local elementary school parking lot. 4 friends are going and the jackpot is up to 60 bucks.. ill give the details after the race.


hers the current results…

heres the deal:

i saw him at school- he said 40bucks? i said why not. i go to the new location (word got out) a straight roade behind my neighborhood (2 mile construction of new houses halted for a while) perfect location. i have a 20 lb bag of ice, my hood up and im icing my CAI. i took out the spare… guess what - is he a no show? i dont know his phone number, but he called me and said “sorry i got to work” i asked where he works- friendly convo. he said “dairy queen”… so me and 2 friends go to dairy queen- wait wait… eat wait. no show. i called the number he called from- no answer.

the ladies at dairy queen said “aint no white guys work here” lol. so we go to his house. he is outside playing basketball. WTF! so i park it at the curb- do a donut, then repark. he was pissed. my friends in the 5.8L northstar cadillac (hell of a fast car) parked as well. we cought him in a HUGE lie. i dont think he has a car LOL. so we are setting up another date. i will def. win. i lightened my car up- iced the intake, i was amped… he was a no show LOL


opinions, laughter, anyone!?


:wtf is this kid doin sheeesh…haha

Whens the race?


he is a dirty liar whip his ass


race was supposed to be today- but i think he lied about having the car he described to us… he said hed reschedule tho :dunno


He’s probably panicing trying to find an Eclipse :booze


Dude we caught him in a horrible lie…well we learned two things today…he’s a liar…and white guys don’t work at dairy queen…haha


Cadillac01 was there. and so was 98mustang… the workers at dairy queen were so funny.


Dude that was almost better than stoping him into the ground!!! I loved the look on his face when he was like oh shiz there at my house!!! Atlantic did a burnout funny as hell!!! Theres these tennis courts next to the house and everyone stoped and looked it was great!! :gears
He said that he had a 2001 eclipse that had four wheel drive NO MODS. This is odd seeing as how they discontinued 4 wheel drive eclipse’s in 2000!
I think he is just full of it!!!


today was a blast and tomorow will be cool too :rock


dig or roll?


didnt run… but id prefer a dig since im auto and i cant downshift form a roll.

he backed out though


hey blue, howd you pull a donut in that car?? (im curious since i have the same one :smiley: )

just figured with the opem diff and not so much power, it would be pretty difficult?


brakestand burnout in one place then let off brake as i turned wheel hard left. with the spare tire out, it came around easier… just still burnout to turn hard and keep on gas.


oh ok, makes sense… i have too much respect for my brakes thuogh :smiley:

maybe with the 4.10s and a heavy foot i wont need them? booze?


Boyz and there toyz :gears


:lol :lol What a goober. How are you going to talk shiz about a car you don’t own, and aparently don’t know anything about, then put money down on a race only to get tracked down to your house after telling all sorts of lame ass lies??!! :rofl :rofl :owned

I guess it takes all types to make the world go round.


“rematch” friday- thats if he has a car.

even after i told him i am installing my pulley after work tomorow and am expecting about 20hp more, he said he wants a go at me.

ill keep ya posted