Frost in April

We are not suppose to be dealing with frost this time of year. We had frost this morning and a freeze expected tonight.

That sucks! Welcome to Australia. It’s winter here.

No frost here but there’s going to be an inland freeze tonight. Normally, we don’t have to worry about the cold after February.

We had over 4" of snow waking up yesterday!!! Spring is definitely slacking here.

I blame global warming…:24::24::24: :jk

Don’t laugh! I said the same thing… :smiley:

It was 42 frickin degrees here…

Fucking Texas

We are suppose to be approaching 80 in Alabama

I’ve always wanted to go fucking in… I mean… go to Texas… With things being so much bigger and all from what I’ve heard… :wink:

I don’t know about everything being bigger but the people are fatter.

it was -4C this morning at 8am and its still only -2C…this is no way to melt snow.

34 in Mississippi. This is crazy!

a new ice age…lol

I know it means more extreme temperatures in both directions, but global warming my ass!

We had about an inch…60’s and 70’s last week…snow today…gorgeous! :stuck_out_tongue:

its sunny in scotland :O… thats unheard of

the end is near:surrender

…yea you should all be afraid, very afraid

it’s gotta be a bone-chilling 60F here… lol but we are also under high wind and high fire watches…

There was just a small dusting of snow by me on Monday, but it’s all melted now.