Full time killer


I have to be honest. :dunno WHTOOGT is the true trophy holder and I owe him 36 tokenz. It is scoring bass ackerds. :tard


ill look into it. whenyou say it is scoring backwards, do you mean the longer it takes, the higher your score- so the worst player gets the trophy?


its like golf. the lower score gets the trophy. its a timed thing. so wt00gt finished it in 20 seconds and bossman got it finished in 50 seconds so wt00gt should have the trophy, not bossman.


oh ok, im working on it. ill get joe to fix it, sent him a pm.


didn’t even noticed that until you said something. good looking out boss! :rock oh, and don’t worry about the tokenz. i will end up blowing it on power drive anyway…


Re: RE: Full time killer

Its fixed now Blue, gj.


lol i just got done playin this game …

was fun

beat 16 :fu

was easy too :smiley:



beat 13 :owned


anyone? :smiley:


dayum (looks at the high score… err low score) :o