Funky pong


IS anyone as addicted to me?? I get so DAMN CLOSE and then the ball loses control!!! My highest was 18… yourwelcome for whoever wins the jackpot… I jacked it up about 250 tokens in the last hour!!! LOL


I’ve been on that one a lot too. Many tokens there from my pot. :booze

I get to about 8 and then all hell breaks loose.


same here… my highest was 18


I just got 1110 :owned how many tokens is that??


took me forever and all i got was 23. i would like to know how saleen got 1100 bounces or something close to that. :fu


the jack pot wasnt that big. but i dont think anyone will beat that. this will probally be the biggest jack pot of all.


HOW in the hell did you do that??? noone will ever beat your score lol


:blowme :spank

How the fuck did you get that score???


After some research I’ve learned:

Funky Pong is not fixed. If you play on a macintosh, there is a center point were you dont have to wait 10 bounces. Sorry to spoil everyones fun, but I was hoping the admins could take me off the high score list for that.

and I also learned Saleen is playing from a macintosh…

Basically… the code in funk pong makesthe ball bounce down slightly after the 3rd bounce and to the right slightly after the 10th bounce… on a macintosh this code doesnt work… Im sure you’ve had many times playing where the ball started in the center then drifted away… well imagine it never drifting away…

Unfortunately, because of this I have no choice but to remove one of our most popular games…


you dont have to remove it… just cancel out his score… :frowning:


no, because he can do it again and so can anyone with a mac (how few there may be). the integrity of the game has been compromised.


LOL @ U…

U have been compromised LOL


damn it!!! It was fun I just started the game and walked away from the computer for 20 min