Funny text messages

Have you ever had someone send you a message they didn’t spell check first, or one that was misleading? Post it here!

One I got from my mom the first time she had a phone: “Harm the handles viva of”

I sent a text to my mate yestureday in a rush out the house and didnt check it. Instead of sending ‘‘Coming to pick you up now x’’ it read, ‘‘Coming to sick you up now x’’

my wife meant to write woohoo and the T9 typed zonino. We use the word zonino now instead. And it types foot instead of dont so I get weird “foot” messages sometimes.

:24: Who says ‘foot’ more often then ‘dont’??

Its stuff like “I foot have to work late” or “I foot know”. She uses T9 and assumes its right and never checks what it actually wrote.

I know, but t9 is supposed to predict the most likely words, I don’t know anyone that uses the word foot more then the word dont lol

Cant imagine anyone saying foot that often. She doesnt except when its a mistake.

i got a message last year from parties unknown, i assume from a woman, that said “come get me big guy” i was like fuck i’m married! who the fuck is this?!