GA Judge


Atlanta, GA- GA Judge, court reporter, and deputy shot and killed and another injured as an accused rapist is transferred to a court hearing. the rapist overpowered a female deputy to get her gun, shot her in the mout, went into the courtroom, shot a judge and court reporter, then left. on his way out, he shot another deputy, killing him. now the assailant is on the loose in a green car.


HORRIBLE thing!! My sister said that she was right across the street when all this happened!

OH and she said that he has hijacked 5 cars so far!! Still not caught (as of about 2 hours ago… not sure about right now)


i just got my hairdcut a couple minutes ago, and the news (FOX News!) was on there. yea, he has hijacked a lot of cars. he hijacked the car of an Atlanta Journal reporter and pistol whipped him. that guy got a free inside scoop. it will be a huge tragedy if he gets into tenessee- he is headed N.

when people dig a hole that deep, it usually ends in a standoff and suicide or death.


I love this world… :wtf


Wow. :wtf

I haven’t heard anything about it yet, I’m going to have to go check it out. It’s crazy that they would have a single female officer escort a guy like that, especially if he wasn’t chained. If he’s a rapist, then he’s already got a violence problem with the girls… … I don’t even know what to say, that’s like out of a movie.


legally- for a fair trial- he cannot be chained in front of the jurors unless the jurors have priorly scene him be of any danger to anyone else.

he came to court with a pocketknife previously, however; so he should’ve been shackled and cuffed.


damn dood ur a fountain of knowledge :banana

its crazy, everone in GA is talkin aboot it


he must be off the interstate and on backroads or something. sooner or later he will either need gas or a new ride. its only a matter of time.


[quote=AtlanticBlue99]legally- for a fair trial- he cannot be chained in front of the jurors unless the jurors have priorly scene him be of any danger to anyone else.

That’s all fine and good. Actually it makes a lot of sense. BUT, he wouldn’t be there unless they were highly suspicious he was the violent rapist they thought he was, so if they can’t chain him up (Which I think you’re right that they shouldn’t), then at least have to male cops walk the guy in. That’s all I was saying. :blah


Dude… I was reading up on it alittle more… and he is still not found!!! I cant believe he got away in a GOVERNMENT building!!


watch out V- he might be goin south toward valdosta :dunno


My doors are locked!!


:lol i hope they catch him soon though. i wonder if he will even go on trial for todays events- everyone knows he did it. why would you even try to plead not guilty against this kind of evidence? they should just find him, finish the rape trial to give closure to girl and her family, then execute the dude.


Yet another incident where a female officers gets OVERPOWERED and fuggered up…

Ladies… Just shoot the bastards…hahaha


ACER!!! lol… thats not right… I do think if that all females should have the PROPER training (in defense) to be an officer!! But keep in mind that the officer that was escorting him could of just been a jailer… and they are trained as well as reg. officers.


after a day and a half, still not found. there’s a 60k dollar reward for his capture. how in the hell can you murder people in a downtown huge city court and elude the police?


I heard he was caught… His house was surrounded this morning after he killed another man.


yeah he was caught, some lady called 911 after he busted in her house.


o sorry, im late in the news, yep hes caught. that fugger needs to be executed.