I’m trying to figure out this game. I am not sure if its suppossed to do this or not. Sometimes I get down to the last color or coin and the thing is high so I keep going to get extra points rather than ending that level quicker. But sometimes one of the pieces keeps going and then I’m stuck. I cant throw anything else. Is this a glitch in the game or am I being punished for trying to get extra points??


I dunno, I havent played that one much


Yes you are being punished, because you must complete the level with the allotted coins you are given. It’s just part of the game, you should always be able to complete the level with the amount of coins you are given…


i dont understand the question…


No I have more coins at the bottom. It looks like I do anyway…it doesnt really look like I have run out??? Sometimes it gets stuck only after a couple of times…sometimes it lets me go on and on???

Not sure really how to explain the question better. The game keeps going as in it keeps coming down down down. But it wont let me fire anymore pieces. The last piece I fired doesnt get stop up top, but just flies through the gate on up. weird???


Its a glitch, the same thing happens to me every now and then. It pisses me off extremely bad. Once your coin flies past the gate theres nothing you can do. Your screwed. Sucks when you’ve been playing a while. This can happen when you have a whole bunch of coins out there too. The reason it usually doesnt then is because there are usually coins along the top that the coin you shoot hits, blah blah blah. Its a glitch.