Gambling tokens


you know you can challenge someone to a bet on a game… up to 1000 tokens for 1 game bet :smiley:

I’ll get to work soon on getting automated store up and running, and putting some real prizes in there too :rock


sweet. :rock i would try to gamble tokens but i wouldnt unless i knew i could win :lol i need to go to north carolina and practice with the cherokees.


challenging someone for tokens works like this:

you click the link “gambling page” on the games screen and type in who you want to bet against(or use the drop down box to find the name, but currently it isnt working so you still have to type the name in the box). Select your game and your bet.

Once you set your bet both you and your opponant will get a pm with a link to either play the game bet or decline it, neither knows the others scores until after they play.


you only get one chance at the chosen game??


I think it depends on the game, if the game has a submit button you could probably play until you get the score you want (like Yeti). Some games submit the score automatically after you play.


i just want to cash mine in :smiley: