Game rigged?!?!


Ok I have been playing darts over and over again. Everytime I’m down to 2 or whatever, and then I get that last shot, it says “Shoot” like I have won, and sends me to the front page for the forums. :wtf


:lol yea i gave up on that game.


I got down to 2 and kept trying to hit the one… and it kept telling me bust… SOO I think we will be deleting the game today :smiley:


I’ll remove it until fixed.


yeha, i was down to 8… i nailed 8 like 10 times and it kept giving me a bust


same here. i got it down to 2… o well. the new games are cool


well, it says on the first page that you need to “check out on a double or a bullseye” - so you probably cant win by just hitting the right number.


correct about checking out on a bullseye, thats how the original 501 darts are played. either way, I never got that far so I pulled it down just in case.


yeah igot down to like 1… and then couldnt get the bullseye so i eventually just quit. what does it mean to land on a double thuogh?