Game tonight

had a hokey game tonight and we wound up losing our first game of the season…our 2 top forwards weren’t there and our #1 deffenseman was mia too…I was in goal and did good considering I had like 60 shots on me…our normal goalie was on travel as well…to top the game off I tweaked my knee and it hurts pretty bad now…

what’s a hokey game? haha just kidding. Sorry to hear that. Take care of that knee.

sorry to hear all that Chris , i hope you can walk in the morning , i’m heading your way in the AM see you soon .:wink:

How do you lose at hokey pokey? :wink:

That sucks Chris. Handicaps like three good players MIA is hard to overcome.

hockey damn it…the keys stick sometimes haha

I wonder why… wait, n/m don’t answer that.

I’m at work not at home…I have the watch

Awwww…poor baby. Need someone to help tend to that injury?

yeah I could use a lil help…the fun part is going to be walking up to the second floor apartment of mine