Just wonderin if yall were planning on adding any more new games?


sure, I’ll add a few - it has been a while hasn’t it? Im still waiting on the new software version for our arcade… getting impatient… wondering if I should reset the scores for more action? Look for some new games shortly.


woot woot


reset!! lol


Re: RE: Games??

whyyyy would you do a thing like that. i like my trophies. i just polished them!


Hey Hey Hey!!!
I just went over to play a game and guess what I seen?

New Games :banana :banana

Thank you!! :smiley:


Birdieman will have a shit fit if you do that… :lol :lol im for it tho


Re: RE: Games??

so will i - especially since i just got 3 more :rock

though im sure they will be gone soon


If you reset the scores, will that reset the pot also? I think it would be a good idea to reset the pot by adding them all up and then raffling them off in the lottery. It would be interesting.


we need a boobie game :fu


Re: RE: Games??





Oooo yeah that would be sweet… :smiley:


that game sucks.


Re: RE: Games??

yeah i know i got all 3 wrong all there all small boobs! and not naked ones!

making up for them


if you play it again they’re the same three girls in a different order.


Re: RE: Games??

lmao winnar!