I went and got my first vaccination for gardasil a couple months ago and I heard on the news that it’s causing severe complications in girls, have you heard anything about it? I’m not sure if i want to get my second vaccination.

Best to talk to your doctor about it since you’ve already had the first round. Be informed. Then make a decision with your doctor involved. Safest way to go.

I wouldnt let my girls get it, when they had it free through the high school.

IMO, not enough research has been done into possible side effects; also it doesnt guarentee you wont get cervical cancer, and you still need to get a smear done annually.

One of the side effects is Guillain Barre. My brother almost died from that a few years ago. For me, it’s not worth it. I think you should research GB and some other side effects, talk to your mom and then talk to your doc.

I had it done and had nothing bad happen so far. Didn’t know there were any possible side effects!! My company brought a nurse in last year sometime and had all the women in the office who were under 27 or whatever it was done. I’ll let you know if my uterus falls out or my skin turns purple or something though! :slight_smile:

I had the shots… No problems with me. :slight_smile:

if its the same thing my daughters had her first jab…it decreases the risk of cervical cancer by 70%

We chose not to go that route with our daughter.

Im having my daughter done if its around when she gets that age, I figure by then it should be around long enough to be tested by everyone else :slight_smile:

There was a Dr. talking on the radio about this on Friday. He said that almost all cervical cancer comes from the virus this protects from. Like anything though there are some people that will have side effects. You have to weigh the one over the other

That virus is getting bad… Men carry it, but dont know they carry it… so they spread it to women/girls that have no idea they are at risk.