Gas prices dropped :)


filled up my acura yesterday, it was $2.11 across the street, today it dropped another 2 cents, gas prices going down at a crazy pace (good!) what the reason :tard ?


Refineries are back up to full capacity, the ports are opening back up, etc.


It’s down to $1.99 here


1.99 here too


you fuckers!

It’s still between 2.11 and 2.19 here.

But I don’t care, because I still pay (relative to those prices) 2.31 and 2.39 a gallon.

Premium > b16a2


joe gets to pay 2.19 right now for premium.


were about 215 right now for reg and 10 cent incraments for other grades. im driving my sisters car right now why shes away and i have to put in premium so i pay between 2.30 and 2.35


Its back down to 2.07/ 2.09 for reg. here. A couple towns over it was actually down to 1.98 the other day. :banana


2.06 for reg here


San Diego is still $2.78 for premium. :frowning:


all abunchg of losers… (except intruderLS1)… in NY its still mid 2’s for 87!