Gas Prices

How much are gas prices for you guys??

Around here in Allentown, PA it’s anywhere from $2.80 to $2.95

I remember complaining when it was $1.50 and remember the good old days of filling my car up at $.85 a gallon!!!

when I go tmy L it was $.73 a gallon and I thought ti was the end of the world when it went over a dollar…its $2.87 around me in Md

last i got gas it was 2.67 .:frowning: when i was a kid in AZ i remember paying .9 a gal for gas.:wink:

The cheapest in my area, (Santa Clara Valley, CA), is $3.47 for Regular; that’s at an ARCO station…

…one week ago, it was $3.29…same gas station…

But I never care what price it really is; I just go and fill up when I need to…

Well of course you payed .9 cents as a kid…they just came out with the first car around that time ;):jk

Its about 2.89 here, man I wish gas was 1.50 again

if we are going to do the wishing game, then i wish gas was back to $.85!!

[quote=“GuesSAngel, post: 321098”]Well of course you payed .9 cents as a kid…they just came out with the first car around that time ;):jk[/quote]come on now that was only 1969.:slight_smile:

I remember back in '77, (I think?), when a few gas stations were having gas for less than a dollar, some as low as 25 cents, and cars were lined up for blocks!

Over here in the Bay Area of Northern California, where everything is waaaayyy overpriced, that was cheap back then…

It was 3.17 for 87 yesterday, it dropped back to 3.07 today. I filled up on monday for 2.97.

2.99 for Regular,

3.09 diesel,

Has gone up twice in one week… Some places are as high as 3.03 for regular

what i don’t understand id only a fuw years ago diesel was .25 cheaper and now its more , boy are we getting fucked.:mad


There are more Diesel fueled vehicles on the Road, and for the Companies… its Pure profit, its bottom of the barrel fuel… Rot Gut of petroleum, its the cheapest to make, so it is their biggest profit maker, and with more vehicles dependent on it as fuel, It is an attempt to make up the diffrence for what they lose on the more premium fuel.

You guys should count yourself lucky, over here it’s the equivelent of $8!

holy crap peter. I think you should get the most pitty. Although aren’t most of the cars there tiny? So it wouldn’t take that much gas? I don’t know. I remember there being tiny cars in France…and gas prices were expensive there and that was 3 close to 4 years ago.

Well most of our cars do seem to be more economical, we joke about your cars doing gallons to the mile rather than miles to the gallon! I guess on average our cars do about 30 miles to the gallon but that fluctuates widely. My first car was a little 600cc Citroen Dyane which used to do 50 miles to the gallon!

50 miles to the gallon??? WOW. I think that would have to be my dream car lol. There are a lot of cars here though that do get 30 miles to the gallon. Some are better.

You should see the Smart car over here, it’s only about 600cc but has a top speed aproaching 130mph and it does about 70-80 miles to the gallon!:eek

I get about 20 on a good day