Gas prices

how high do ya think its going to go this summer? how high does it have to get before you start looking for alternative travel?

No idea, I don’t drive at the moment anyway. However high it does I doubt it will be as high as over here where its the equivelent of $8-10 a gallon.

it will be pushing $4 I’m sure

I paid $2.96 today and I was pissed!

its been $2.87 here for about 2 weeks now

but you guys are all a lot closer together. we are all spread out. to drive to work under 10 miles one way is almost unheard of here.

cheapest ive seen here is $3.07 for the 87 octane

i think it will push it’s way up to $4.00. I’ll still pay it though, I have to get around somehow…there would be no other means of travel for me. Only by car.

$3.13 here and it seems it rises more and more everyday

It’s going to pass $4/gallon this summer, I plan on riding my bike to work and back as soon as the weather stabilizes.

3.87 in phoenix. shakes head shits ridiculous.

who is getting rich and who is going broke

In my country 5.5$/gallon or 1.44$/ for a litre.
You have cheaper gas and your average earnings are much better. Weird.

Currently $1.39 per litre. Not sure what that would be per gallon.

that would be equivilent to $5.26 a gallon

Industry experts predict $4.00 by Memorial Day. Fuck that!

It’s currently $3.34 for regular unleaded at the Shell station where I work.

It’ll no doubt reach $4.00 within the next couple of months

Thanks for the conversion, Haus. :slight_smile: