for my next mod, i really want gears- 4.10s- which gears are the best and will it be a posi/limited slip rear. i want more acceleration and more equalized power to the wheels not wheel. no more pussy burnouts for me. by the way- it is a 99 v6.


you’d need a different carrier (or 8.8 rear) for posi… 4.10’s are schweet


o so id need a new rear? the v6 comes with a 7.5 rear end right? so would getting the gears for a v6 with the same rear end be worthwhile?


With 4.10’s and stock rear. You’ll be 1 wheel spinnin like nobody’s business.


:lol exactly what i want. ill probly not do gears then. why get more power to one wheel? id rather equalize power and not spend an ass of money. i could weld that spider up and then ill be locked… hmm tire wear vs. no tire wear… i think ill pass for now on gears. im bummed out now.


what do you mean by ‘carrier’?..

i thought they made t-loks for 7.5" rear…i think theres one on v6mustangstuff…lemme check…

here we go -

anyway, didnt hrnb do this? i think he still has his 7.5 rear… and 4:10’s


i think booze got an eaton (aftermarket) unit, but the ford trac lok is a cheaper alternative and works fine…lots of folks do it


i think it was auburn, but either way, thats what i thought… im just wondering what MD meant when he said something about a new carrirer

(im asking becasue i am hopefully doing gears soon too and was also going to put in a posi if possible)[/quote]


I think Booze’s eaton is an 8.8 though.

The V6 comes with an open gear? All of them? Was posi even an option?


not that i know of - i have the open def. and as far as i know all the sixxers have it - someone correct me if im wrong… .and booze, what size is your rear end?? (that sounded weeeird)

edit: i just pmed hrnb to ask him what hes got, but in the meanwhile i checked his cardomain page and it looks like they just swapped in new gears in the same rear end, but i dont know everythign about gears so we’ll see what he says, i could be wrong)


You can get everything for a 7.5" rear-end as an 8.8" rear-end. Well, as low as 4:56. As for my possi, it’s an Auburn and I paid around 200 bux for it. If you get lower gears, get a possi at the same time because it doesn’t cost anymore in labor, plus if you do 4:10’s without possi, your drive tire will spin like your on butter. Here’s the install


there you go atlantic, fret not - you can go get your gears :gears


thanks alot HRnB, thats the info i needed.


but keep in mind atlantic, about that modified cross shaft. ( i dont know what that is but i saw it mentioened in several places as necessary when going 4.10s…if anyone know what that is, feel free to enlighten me/us) :banana