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this is awesome

why aren’t you a capitalist again?


You hipster piece of :poop:




Sure, doesn’t mean that you also can’t use this thing.[quote=“Lenin_mog, post:1838, topic:105830”]
@Joshrune hes ironically quoting capitalists on saying their system is the most effecient, ie that useless or meaningless products are produced like this.

I know he is. I’m not incapable of picking up on irony. My comment is directly targeted at responding to that.


Pretty sure he couldn’t afford it even if he wanted to, he lives in a country that got skullfucked by neoliberalism


/> praises historical figure for his achievements.
> praises historical figure for not praising historical figures for their achievements.


lmao so what, i aint even saying that he should go out and buy the thing



>taking this seriously
>getting triggered over a shitposting meme straight from the dark abysses of /leftypol/
>using meme arrows outside of an imageboard

I thought you were better than this.

By the way, this is the character you are looking for: \

_*just like this*_





This is a prime example of the expansion of the “Internet of Things”, the end goal of which for consumers is smart-tracking of almost everything in your house and what you do without paying constant attention and doing your own measurements. Once all of this data is collected users will be able to alter their diets in conjunction with a company’s machine learning algorithm predictions to optimize their overall health and life experience.

I’m not going to argue with a straight face that the fact this is being produced while people starve elsewhere is at all fair, per-se, but I will defend its utility as more than a meaningless doodad gimmick.








abstract memes


i love loss memes