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You know, judging the evidence, Its almost like Antifa is a violent terrorist group or something…

Not saying the white supremacists are innocent, but ANtifa did get violent first.









tfw get hit by car but dont know whether to be in pain or love the sweet sound of a V6 at full rpm


Funnily enough the nazis were a reactionary movement in response to a communist violent extremist group.

Also refusal of service isn’t violence.


>citing wikipedia
not all black bloc protesters are antifacist

fascism was the reaction, nazism is just a highly prejudiced form of it

it was just to give an obvious representation of the jim crow era as a whole, but if you insist

and to actually contribute a meme


The guy who ran over the lefties was being attacked my antifa thugs with bats and clubs.

I am not arguing for the justification for his actions, but you are wrong in your use of that example as proof that right wingers “started it”. The lefties in general had permits to form up in parks far away from the trump/neocon/nazi group, and they intentionally left these areas to “get some nazi scalps”.


The Chief Superintendent for the Swedish Police is very clear: Antifa always start the violence first.



except you don’t need a permit to be in a public park even if another group is staging a rally there, let alone the road adjacent to it

no they left those areas to effectively counter-protest instead of just holding a ‘left’ rally
just because you want to imagine they were out for blood doesn’t mean they where

ironically thats a really liberal translation i take it you got from some alt-right trash site



But clear.