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oh because those things just dont happen anymore


Pointing out extreme exceptions to the norm doesn’t make it any less a exception to the norm.
(Also the mainstream in media in general vilifies the people that do it justifiably, where there is no shortage of excuses for Antifa.)


so you agree that Antifa violence is out of the norm while with White Supremacy violence is literally the MO of being a white supremacist
glad we’re on the same page


I wouldn’t say these were done by Antifascist Action activists. Mostly just liberals LARPing as anarchists, or anarcho-punks, which aren’t taken seriously by anyone else on the left. Sure, AA is composed in a large part by anarchists, but what these guys do outside of AA rallies cannot be held against AA itself. Antifascist Action can only be held responsible when their flags are present, which in most of these cases, wasn’t the case.











Noone who labels himself as LGBT would be a nationalist.

If you’re a nationalist and you are gay, you would just call yourself a nationalist, not an LGBT nationalist.


Not pictured: Muslim women standing next to men.


Muslim foreign window cleaners want to turn my dad into a Somali pirate.


Mein gott, that egoist GF… I think I’m in love


Fascism and Nazism were the biggest betrayals of the German people. The monarchists should have overthrown Hitler the moment he started purging the SS, aligning with the democratic factions to bring back joint rule between the Kaiser (probably Wilhelm III, since Wilhelm II was an idiot) and the Reichstag.

The true Reich, the second Reich, was what my great-great-grandfather fought for from 1914-1919 (he fought in the Friedkorps as well). He supported the Kaiser even after Versailles, but he was kicked out because he was Jewish. His entire ethnicity was blamed for the failure of leaders, and that is disgusting. If you want to glorify a nationalist German power, glorify the second Reich, not the third.


Eh, considering how Brexit is a total clusterfuck RN, I could actually see Ireland peacefully reuniting if a “hard Brexit” goes thru. It helps that Ireland is rolling in dough while the UK is falling apart (the only thing keeping England’s economy above the water is the London Stock Market).


Poured out a bit of liquor to honor my great-great-grandfather nine days ago. He fought valiantly in the Great War even though his side ended up losing. If only the Kaiserreich had won…