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Belgian nationalism is a bad joke. It’s like a North Korean food court. Sure it probably exists but it really has no reason to.


It is a strange country. Divided in two by language.
Do you not think Belgium should exist?


Yes. It doesn’t have its own culture, or really anything to give it a reason to exist. If they want to be independent, of course, they have the right to. But Belgium should have been partitioned long ago between the Dutch, French, and Germans. As a nation all it has caused is suffering


Which nation do you belong to, may I ask?
And, what suffering are you referring to? I know little of Belgium.

I am from the United Kingdom.


I am ‘Murican. As for suffering, I’m referring mostly to what they did in Africa, both before and after King Leopold II. For Leopold, look up the book King Leopold’s Ghost. However, even after they finally decided to boot out one of the greatest criminals in human history, they were still by far the most blatantly racist colonial power (just look at what they did to Rwanda)


Ah right, I was thinking you were saying they caused suffering to their own people in Belgium.

Yeah, European empires eh?
They miss our Empire a lot here. Many still act like it still exists… very cringe worthy sometimes :stuck_out_tongue:


XD, the British empire is dead. With Brexit they’ve completely signed over their geopolitical autonomy to the US. Ironic that is


This is so sad, Alexa, can we return Elsaß-Lothringen to its rightful owner?


With all the anti-Merkel memes, I’ve decided to make a pro-Merkel meme. This is 100% original






Straight from the lands of Shao-Lin


Tiochfaidh ar la