George Carlin On Political Correctness


Everyone’s thoughts on the late comedian’s take on political correctness?


He’s a comedian for a reason.


So you don’t agree?


And voltaire can honestly go fuck himself


Why’s that?


he wuz just sum play right ashole who rote satier so his opinyun is disregard


was actually just implying this opinion was part of a skit/joke or something but ok


doesn’t really sound like he’s joking tbh

byeah, three things are pretty clear

  1. He’s using le librul scapegoat, basically setting up being PC as some great big conspiracy
  2. He has no clue what political correctness is.
  3. He seems to think that any sort of regulation on speech is somehow bad. Man, what a fucking linguistic relativist


of course hes not that was the point




Was literally just about to address this.


where is the confusion

i implied he was telling a joke because hes a comedian when he obviously was not telling a joke because i think that opinion is a joke (no matter who holds it)

it was a one-liner that you’re taking way too far


You, a pleb: -develops political positions over years of debate, research, introspection, and critical thought-

Me, radiating over the light of millions of stars being born: -obtaineth political opinions from stand-up routines-


Is this a shot at me? :joy:


Nah, mostly the people in the comments section.


Any comment section on political matters are just pure cancer.


You can’t even tell who’s serious and who’s trolling anymore because variations of “kill this group of people” are legitimate political talking points now


just lol if your beliefs come from anything other than crudely drawn four-panel MS-paint stick figure comics



allow me to add in john cleese’s thought on this subject. for myself, my feeling is that i’d rather be exposed to hate speech than protected from it. politically correct language demands are horribly confining to the humorist and to give an example of how far over the boundaries of reasonableness the PC thought police are straining, they are right now campaigning for a post mortem editing of the word “nigger” out of mark twain’s classic, “huckleberry finn”. this is most definitely the work of white people working out their guilt, because african-amercans still use the word pretty widely.

free speech is one of the cornerstones of the american rule of law. every single one of us, antifa and the alt-right alike, have the right to express our political viewpoints, within fairly well defined limits, without fear of arrest OR assault, in public spaces. what kind of reaction you get to your triggering words and actions on private property could quite possibly be lethal if you’re stupid enough, but in public, so long as you are not making direct threats or attempting to incite mayhem, every single one of us is guaranteed equal protection under the law.

the people’s right to say mean and stupid things in public was recently upheld in the snyder vs phelps ruling. in fact , the WBC is a perfect example of why it’s stupid to punch a nazi. the church funds itself with judgement in lawsuits against people who assault them at demonstrations.