Get it all out


I read thread after thread and I saw a lot of momma bashing so instead of cluttering up all the other threads lets just put it all in this one and keep the other threads open to the random conversation…good idea maybe


Okay, how about we just quit talking about it all together :topicsucks


you see that could be a solution but no one is going that route it seems so I figure keep it confined to one thread :dunno


Move over Bacon, now there’s something meatier.


who what when where…what :dunno


That commercial just popped in my head. Nevermind, I guess you guys don’t get that mersh where you live. “Move Over Bacon, now there’s something meaty…errrr”

:tard :dunno


Im done. :slight_smile: :banana :banana


Lets say this all together now…Who gives a Flying fu*k!


without her and GMKILLA what are we going to talk about?


mind over matter
I don’t mind and they don’t matter