Getting a new car

My dad is helping me look for a new car (it doesnt have to be brand spanking new) but something more newer than what I have now. Something more reliable.
But I need something that is practible too. Something made for kids and something that wont give me $500 a month car payments either (because it will be just me making payments, no help from anyone else)
Anyone got any suggestions on cars I could look at?

Get a VW. As much as I hate to say it, being British, they make the best, most reliable cars. :nod:

(apart from the Beetle which is the shittest car ever)

I pretty much agree with Peter. A buddy of mine has a vw jetta tdi and it get over 50mpg. Also my mom had a honda civic for the longest time. Bought brand new in 1990 and it lasted until 2006 when we got her a new car. My friend bought a honda accord(used) for around 13,000 a year ago I believe. So vw or honda I would say.:thumbup

I saw my old VW Polo on the road at Christmas, still MOTed and it is now passed 160,000 miles and it,s only a 1L.! :nod::eek

If you want reliability, go with a Toyota. :thumbup

A Honda Civic.

It’s slow and not really all that fancy, however it will run for 300k miles even if you treat it like shit.

If something breaks, aftermarket parts are available which are just as good as the ones from Honda and they’re cheap.

I used to tune imports, I have a lot of experience with them. I recommend any car from Honda/Acura.


My very first car ever was a Honda. I dont ever recall having any trouble with it.

I get a consumer magazine and here are their picks for used cars

Small cars

                                                 Honda Civic                         

Toyota Echo
Scion xB
Toyota Corolla
Toyota Matrix
Pontiac Vibe
Mazda Protege
Subaru Impreza

Family Cars

                     Honda Accord

Toyota Prius
Ford Fusion
Mercury Milan
Toyota Camry (except '08 V6)
Subaru Outback (6-cyl.)
Nissan Altima

those are some good choices! I hadnt even thought about some of those on your list canidae!



i say go for a honda