Getting even


so if anyone knows anyone with a gm vehicle they don’t like and I’m sure other new vehicles you can do this too…but I just heard about gms right now…if you know someone with a new gm and don’t like them go to there gas tank and turn the cap a crack…when the person goes to turn on there vehicle the check engine light will pop on…I was told the only way to turn them off now is with a computer which means they will have to bring it back to the dealer or a mechanic that just happens to have the computer and fork out some cash…so this is what I hear if I’m wrong I’m sorry for the bogus info…if I’m right have fun pissing off people you don’t like


mmmmmmmm nope.

OBD2b cars suck, like mine.

I’ve done this twice now actually. Since it can be part of your emissions (something to do with gas vapors getting out).

When you don’t tighten the gas cap far enough, the CEL will pop on and stay on until you tighten it and make three trips.

It’s annoying staring at that light constantly.


well I was part right so far…


:banana chyeah.

But Most people didn’t know that, I only figured it out when my CEL came on and i read through my owners manual.


so now a lot of people know here so have fun guys and girls


i was mean when i was a kid. when i first started working for my boss i worked at a full serve gas station and any on that pissed me off dint get there gas cap tightened or i just stuck it in my pocket and put it in the box. or if they were rude and they wanted there oil checked i would check it and if it needed oil i would tell your oil looks good. some people can be pricks when they get gas.


and I thought you were the gentle giant…sheesh…haha


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Damn dude… that’s shitty. I mean customers being rude, yes but it was your job to check their oil and fill them up right?

Stealing peoples property or misleading them and possibly causing thousands of dollars in damage isn’t in my realm of understanding mere “payback.”


I’ll try it tomorrow B-man. All I own is GM. …oh and a V6 Mustang looks around WHAT! WHaT! you got a problem with that?


yes now i realize its wrong but i was a kid at the time thats the way i handled it. either that or punch them in the face. thats how i was at the age. i was a troubled kid. but im more mature now and now if i had to do it all over again i wouldnt never think of doing what i did back then. cause now i think. would i want that done to me if i was a customer there.


well when you have a shitty jog involving customer service and customers rub you the wrong way, you do what you can to fuck with them.

we do the same at the grocery store: if a customer pisses us off, we dont say anyhting, we just bag their groceries all fucked up. like raw meat with eggs and shit. it takes all types of people to make the world go round though.

i prefer the method of “dont react negatively to someone who tries to push your buttons” if you remain calm and ignore the person, they will feel like a total shithead when they reflect on the moment, considering the person reflects on moments…


I just spit in their faces.




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er… you mean fart?


I fight fire with fire and make them feel insignificant


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I fight fire with water and it really puts a damper on their parade…figuratively speaking of coarse. <<<Booze putting a damper on ones parade.


:rofl :rofl :rofl :funnah :funnah :funnah


I’m with Haus. I used to be a real badass mutherfucker when I was young. I woulda got in a fight or something.

Now, I just use my natural charm and wit to overcome adverse situations. :fu


come on you know as well as I do there is no such thing as a canadian bad ass motha sucka


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I was the only one :dunno